Core Business Skills









Core Business Skills















Core Business Skills

Self-assessment of my present university skills

In my communication skills, I wish to improve my spoken English. I am good at making presentations, as well as finding information in the library. I also wish to improve in reading and writing essays. My number skills and graphs are ok. I am proficient in computer applications, but still wish to improve in the application of MS office. In teamwork, my ability to understand others and allocate work to others is ok. I am capable of leading groups and spend average time working in groups. 1I wish to improve in setting my learning skills and the use of personal development plan. I am okay in problem solving by working on my own, as well as working with others.

Personal development

I have academic qualifications, beyond the minimum requirements of joining a university. I am employed in a part-time job near the university. During my leisure time, I like swimming and sight-seeing. Outside academic work, I have taken part in community development programs aimed at environmental conservation. My academic strengths include my ability to lean complex concepts at a relatively fast rate. The academic areas that would like to develop include applying ideas learnt in class in real life situations. The idea that I have now includes venturing in businesses that focus on solving world environmental problems.


My first academic goal is to gain relevant skills and comprehend the best applicability of the skills gained in solving world’s problems. I will measure the success through my performance in evaluations. The planned activities include taking course work as required by the university. The resources required are academic materials. Support of this may be seen in the difference between professionalism and quackery. I will study hard to achieve this goal. The second ambition is to gain practical skills. 2This requires a placement for internship. I will evaluate my performance through reports preceding internships. I will achieve my goal through following instructions and being inquisitive. The third goal includes solving words problems through applying the gained academic skills.

















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