Getting into College and Succeeding in freshman

How to Succeed in High School, Get into College and Succeed in Freshman Year


Many students lose their place in a good college from the onset of high school. They directly or indirectly jeopardise their future by taking high schools education too lightly. Most of the students just glide through high school in the hope that they will gain their ground in college. While this may be the common notion, it is great a price to pay as they do not get into college in the first place. Others, however, take the academics too seriously and forget to play a part in the co-curricular activities. The aim of this tutorial is to offer tips to succeed in college and freshman in various lenses, in a bid to emphasize the importance of making the right decisions early enough.

How to Get to College

An early start gives a strong finish. Colleges are interested in seeing focus from the beginning of high school education. A four-year strategyis essential; proactively get the best out of high school, do not sail through. Subject selection should be part of this strategy, include a foreign language and also take advanced lessons in areas of strength; these factors increase the prospects of getting into a good college. The subjects taken should be challenging and stimulating but not impossible. AP courses are important and taking the early on is a plus as it shows determination. Do not just take the AP exam, passing gets one college credits and sometimes save on tuition fees. Dealing with the school requirements early gives one a chance to take classes of their interest meaningone gets a deeper probe into subjects they want to take in college (Lucan, 2014).

A good GPA secures one a place in a great college. Cumulative GPA is essential for all the four high school years as it is sometimes as criteria to shortlist college applicants. High grades not only offer more college choices, but they also give one better financial support. There is no short-cut to a high GPA, study for examinations and know the best applicable study techniques, and apply them. Homework is important and so is being attentive in class; they both get one good recommendation letters from the teachers. Go the extra mile to be a competitive applicant, do not settle for the “required” clause, go with the “recommended”clause it will give you better chances. GPA alone does not earn a person entry into college. Colleges are in the lookout for students who also participate in activities outside class. Do not, however, superficially take part in all activities that the school offers, but get involved wholeheartedly in fewer activities (Lucan, 2014).

How to succeed in freshman

The first big tip is to get organised as college is different from high school. The professors will not follow up on assignments like they do in high school. Instead, they post the assignments, with the expectation that all students will hand them in before the due date. Do not wait until the last minute to hand in the assignments, do so early enough. It does not stop here; attending all the classes is a must. One gets to take good notes, and take note of the important reading materials. The professors give vital information during class time such as examinations tips and any alterations in the due dates of assignments. Academics are the first priority in college and finding the right friends will see to it that they stay so. The right company in college will insist on going to class as well as forming study groups and not going to parties, to ensure that academic probations do not become the new norm. To excel in academics, one should take advantage of the available study resources in the college such as library materials (Lucan, 2014).

Seeking the right balance of academics and extra-curricular activitiesis another important step after joining college. Student organizations, sports teams, clubs and so on give one new skills and friends but care should be taken not to go overboard. Take the time to network and build connections. Interacting with the professors and other students builds relationships that come in handy in the future. The professors can be mentors even years to come or write a great recommendation when one is looking for employment. The relationships formed with the students might also help in studies or in the future (Lucan, 2014).

Carefully choose a major or a future career. Do not hastily settle on a major because everyone else seems aware of what they want for their future. Remember, it is not a race, take time and explore all the options by taking extra courses on top of the required classes. This entails maintaining personal standards and taking classes that one is passionate about regardless of everyone else’s choices. It also comes in handy to visit the career services professionals in the college. They help students in organizing, preparation and acting on the future. Taking up the desired subjects as a freshman will also help one gain ground for the junior and senior years (Lucan, 2014).


The final words of advice are that all the prep work is important to get one into college and through college. It begins right from joining high school, getting good grades, scoring well on the standardized tests, are the core aspects to earn a place into a good college.After getting into college enjoy all the hard work and do not forget to lay the foundation for a prosperous college career. Avoid being another statistic; instead, be strong-minded to make it through the freshman yearthrough to junior and senior years.On top of it all, use the time wisely to network by making new friends and forming relationships with professors, and enjoy learning as much as possible. In other words, get the most out of the college experience.


Lucan, D. (2014). The Unofficial High School Freshman’s Handbook to Success.








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