Secret to Peace

Initiating from the scenario of difficult negotiation, the video leads towards resolving conflicts and spreading the joy of unity in the world. The speaker, who is an anthropologist, shared engaging stories from which I learned and understood the conflict situations. It demonstrates the significant power within human beings to solve any conflict in the world as the third party intervention.

People strive for peace on the planet. However, we often fail due to lack of efforts towards acquiring that peace. I compiled from the video that the only solution is us, the people. Our togetherness can make major change leading us close to the level of peace. Though not easy, it is simple.

One of the most powerful elements in the video is the storytelling that showed valuable paths towards humankind. I think stories are the great ways to teach and grasp effective knowledge from one mind to another. In many stories, the speaker presented comprehensive views of what is needed to replace terrorism into tourism for a conflict-free living. I could connect with every story and I realized that why we cannot see such a simple route rather than land into complex solutions. I think the world needs us.

Most Valuable Concept

The most valuable concept I considered is the Abraham path. In the discovery of peace with unity initiates, what else can be effective than learning from a man who referred as ‘the friend’ in the world? Abraham has marked a great contribution in hospitality. He showed kindness to the strangers. This path determines the cultural route as a global platform in the Middle East.

The path encourages walk and tourism, which according to the speaker, potentially connects people across the globe. I learned that Abraham path is the game changer and thus most influential for understanding and treating people from any region with respect (“Abraham Path”). I think when one lives the journey of tourism and hospitality, it gave more courage and collaboration in living.

3 Important Concepts

Furthermore, the speaker submitted some remarkable approaches in front of the public regarding the peacemaking.

Secret to peace

I used to assume that individuals are responsible for choosing any path for peace. However, this will not work when it comes to unity amongst the people in the world. The video provided the essential lesson over the common secret to peace for all and that is ‘third side’.

The third side is us

Specification over the third side is vital; the third side in making peace is ‘us’. The speaker evidently presented a thought that a third man better resolves conflicts and optimizes the positive results of a topic. Family members and friends should be pretended to be the major source of cooling down any fight situations. I guess it seems a small effort, but we as the surrounding can make peaceful ambiances. Referring to a person, the third side can effectively help in managing and resolving the conflict between disputing parties (“Third Party Intervention”). I think a third man intervention marks impactful response for other creatures by bringing the discussion on the track.


            One of the targeted point of the video addresses knowing and respecting emotions of strangers while walking. The Abraham path is the platform for connecting more people in need and providing support as per the capability of a man. Briefly, these practices are not easy but simple enough towards reaching peace with essential human efforts.



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