Financial Fair Play and its effects on Premier League’s Competitiveness

  1. As a financial advisor how would you rank your club’s current financial situation?


  1. Has the Premier League’s Profit & Sustainability Rules affected your club’s financial stability? And how?


  1. How has your team adjusted to the new financial regulations?


  1. On what sources of income is your club relying on mostly? (Please select the biggest three)


  1. Has your club experience financial issues since the introduction of the P&S rules? And what kind of problems were they?


  1. What is your opinion of the P&S rules?


  1. During the last 3 seasons my team’s overall competitiveness has:


  1. Are the owners of the club considering increasing or decreasing investment for the next season?


  1. What is your club’s debt in million £?


  1. Do you believe the overall internal and external financial regulations on English clubs caused their bad performance in the European tournaments in the last seasons?


  1. In your opinion how did the P&S rules affected the profitability and sustainability of Premier League football clubs?



  1. How do you expect the Premier League will develop in the next 5 seasons?


  1. Do you expect to make a profit before the next transfer window opens?


  1. How do you think Brexit will affect Premier League?



  1. Do you think the P&S rules can be adjusted and improved to better suit all Premier League football clubs’ needs? If yes, how?

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