Business Letter


I am writing to request a meeting with Mr. Frank Dobbs. I am concerned with the reports that one of your chief members of staff has been using inappropriate language while communicating with the junior staff. As journalists, I am seeking more details about the matter for the sake of identifying the true version of the story.

Organizational management is supposed to be considerate to the affairs of the employees. I am aware that the complains may be particularly launched by the employees who do not appreciate the leadership style of Ms Alice. In most cases where I have experienced a case like this one with staff complaining, It is commonly because the staff are opposed to the changes in the organization being introduced by the new manager, just as it is the case of Alice.

Organizational culture cannot be changed abruptly. For the sake of upholding harmony in all operations, I think that Alice has to align the needs of the employees with those of the organization it is not ethical to impose changes or restructuring processes that are abrupt. Employees are part of the organization and their views and opinions should consider before making these changes.

In our meeting, I expect to review the current situation that is making the employees to complain over the changes that Ms Alice has introduced. Also, I expect to evaluate the recent complains that have been submitted to your desks in relation to the same issue. As a reporter, I kindly request that you provide me with the necessary details concerning the same issue.

Looking forward to meeting with you. If any changes concerning our meeting are made, kindly let me know.

Yours faithfully





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