My Dad is My Home

I honestly do not know where to start regarding my dad. We have come a long way. I remember as a child, he was the most charismatic, intelligent and humorous father in the world. We spent countless fun times together. As a result, I call him my home because of what he made me feel and still does when I am with him. I look forward to vacations since he makes sure he takes me to places that I have never visited. He is also my role model because he maintains his cool even in the trickiest circumstances. Similarly, he has taught me the spirit of perseverance.

I call him the silent sufferer because regardless of the situation he goes through he still manages to be happy and also ensure I am happy. He has always made sure I was knowledgeable of the value of self-integrity and most of all determined. In fact, one known thing about my father in the neighborhood is that he never gives up, an aspect that he also makes sure to instill in me. Even though he becomes scary at times when he goes silent for long hours without talking, he will eventually burst out laughing, and this will make me laugh along. However, I find it funny because he only laughs at the cleverest of jokes which I try so hard to bring up.

Dad is one person I can count on anytime. I remember once I was sick and admitted in the hospital. He sat by my side day and night despite trying to convince him to have a rest. His care continued even when I was discharged. He is always by my side even at my lowest moments. He constantly encourages me even when I feel like giving up. I have encountered a series of bullying at school, and my dad is the first person I share my experiences with. As a result, through his encouragement and advice, I have been able to counter bullying at school and can now comfortable study without the fear of any mean student. I also consider him my home because of his tendency to acknowledge responsibility even if it is not his fault. Through this, I have learned the value of owning up to some issues and moving on. My dad is still the first person I run to when in a dilemma. His skills in critical thinking and solving problems could easily hurt a sensitive person. However, his stern but honest talk made me follow the right path. Eventually, I would get myself in difficulties where my acknowledgment and disposition to own up was the only way for a peaceful resolution.

I also admire his work ethic. He constantly reminds me that a useless individual is a worthless individual. He has comfortable raised five of us, and I can confidently state that we are all steering in the right directions of life. Even though it took some of my siblings’ time to figure out what they were good at, nonetheless when they did, it was a perfect and direct reflection of the efforts of my dad to raise us. He has also taught us the virtue of generosity of action, thought, and spirit. Sometimes he can be very sensitive but one of the most, generous, caring and compassionate individual I have ever met. In fact, he is fond of quoting the Quran stating that it mandates us to give generously and also act generously towards others.

He makes it his responsibility to be of assistance to others. I believe that is one of the principal reasons he was voted to be the neighborhood chairman. In fact, I feel some people tend to take advantage of his generous and compassionate nature. I know of several people that he helped financially but have never repaid him back. However, he never even bothers to follow up. At times this drives me crazy and feels it is unfair for him to be treated this way but no matter what he will never be mean or say something mean about another individual. He has also taught me that human beings will never treat you the same way you treat them. He encourages nonetheless that it eventually catches up with them.

Additionally, I admire his debate skills. It makes feel like going to the house. He argues his ways around in a very smart manner. He always has proof in his fingertips and could easily beat me to the ground and be my friend at the same time. In fact, I usually tell my friends that I cannot get into an argument with him. Even though I consider myself awkwardly odd, my dad has patiently taught me to make friends and also to stand up for myself as a person and also stand up for others even if there are no rewards. In sum as a result of all these attributes, I will say I am very close to my father and consider him my home.




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