Outline for research paper





Organic Foods versus Conventional Foods in Relation to Human Health

Thesis statement:  Consumption of organic food is healthy and haspositive health benefits for humans.


Recently debates over the health impacts of organic and conventional foods have been on the rise. Health concerns have led to these discussions with the aim of understanding which type of food is suitable for human consumption with healthy benefits. This research paper seeks to validate that consumption of organic food is healthy and has positive health benefits for people.

Statement of the problem

Many people in the world today have reported a troubling increase of health complications, it is necessary to understand what kind of foods will be healthy for people.

Research question

Do organic foods versus conventional foods have health benefits for humans.

Literature Review

A comparative study conducted by (Drewnowski) sort to measure the nutrient content of organic foods and manufactured foods. This study aimed to show that organic foods have high nutrient levels than conventional foods. This study is among many that have been published concerning the health benefits of the organic and conventional foods. Watson states that organic foods are mostly recommended by medical practitioners because they have a high level of nutrients. His study also concluded that conventional foods contain loads of chemicals that are absorbed during the growth stage. A quantitative analysis produced by the Union of Concerned Scientists states that in the world today close to 90 percent of the food produced today contain chemical and fertilizers. The study also confirmed that in the United States alone conventional farmers use more than 40 million bags of chemical based fertilizers and around to 700 million tons of pesticides yearly in their farming practices. A study conducted by Stony Brook University confirms that the switch from organic farming to conventional farming has caused a huge decrease of plant based vitamins. The study from Davis confirms that in the last fifty years the minerals and vitamin content of fruits and vegetables have completely decreased. Thus humans who consume these chemical loaded products suffer from related health complications. A report stated that consumption of conventional foods leads to latency. Latency refers to the development of health complications that occurs years later in life.


The literature review conducted confirms that conventional foods contain high levels of chemicals and pesticides absorbed during the growth process. The studies also confirm that the chemicals and pesticides present if the food causes serious health problems for the consumers. However, the chemicals and pesticides are usually present in low levels, and continuous consumption of these foods leads to slow accumulation of the foods. Thus the health complications do not appear immediately after consumption. Doctors state the complications begin to occur later in life through a process called latency.


The study shows that the conventional foods conation high levels of chemicals and pesticides that are used in the conventional farming methods. Though the chemicals do not affect individuals immediately, they always lead to serious health problem that occurs after an extended period. It is safe for people to adopt the organic foods in their diet since they contain zero chemicals and have high nutrient compositions. It is important to come up with the solutions that will lead to the prevention and management of the chemicals that are used in conventional farming. It is also safe to say that Consumption of organic food is healthy and has positive health benefits for humans.














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