Application Essay

Application Essay

Joining the Leadership, Education and Development Summer Institute has been one of my dreams that I aspire to achieve. Due to my background as leader among my peers I believe accessing and joining the LEAD Summer Institute will impact my life immensely. It will be lifelong experience that will improve my skills in networking, mentorship and personal growth as a leader.

I have been a student leader in my high school. Despite the scarce resources that facilitate leadership I have managed to maintain a clean track record in mobilizing encouraging and advising my fellow student’s. This has proved to be challenging yet I have been able to achieve greatly. I have successfully been voted as the best student leader in my school for three years consecutively. This has boosted my desire to work on my leadership skills as well as seek personal growth for myself.

My intention of joining the institute is aimed at first improving my leadership skills through receiving hand experiences form my mentor and coaches. This coupled with the motivation and first hand experience from top managers helps in improving my leadership skills. This will equip me to be a successful mentor for my peers and juniors back in my community. I have purposed to stir a positive and effective growth in potential of my fellow students through my leadership. This will have trickle down impact in my community at large

I sincerely seek your approval to join the Summer Program being assured that an investment in me is an investment in my community. I am deeply indebted to leadership and I will take this opportunity with much gratefulness. This will serve as an opportunity for my community to acquire the necessary know how and resources for the improvement of their lives.


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