Project Management (Quality Implementation and Improvement of New Convex Restaurant)











Project Management (Quality Implementation and Improvement of New Convex Restaurant)







Objectives and Stakeholders

In the streets, people need to feed and also take some food with them. Therefore, food outlets and cafes play a great role in sorting out those who do not cook in their homes. The new convex restaurant has come to save the people, and it will supply all the requirements that anyone who need to dish or take food with them wherever they are going. It can accommodate 150-200 customers at a go, most importantly, it is operational during the day and night throughout the week. The primary objectives of this enterprise are to serve those busy personnel who hardly get home to cook, and they need quality food. Therefore, New Convex ensures the services and goods paid for are delivered with no compromise. Few stakeholders work in close collaboration with this restaurant, a branding company that provides adverts about the restaurant and several private financiers who have contributed to rising of the restaurant.

Quality Metrics of the project

Based on the requirements of the customers and the project’s standards, the following parameters have been created for the New Convex restaurant. Mainly they have been reviewed using the feedback that the customers have given out.

Firstly, the number of workers in the restaurant should be adequate to ensure the customers get the services they require efficiently. There are times when the customers are many, for example, in the morning, evening and also during the time when shifts are interchanged. Secondly, there is the use of credit cards. Therefore, there is no need to carry cash whenever one wants to use our services. Also, the rooms are spacious and ever fresh therefore there are no issues of stuffiness.



Quality requirements.

To give quality services to the clients, the workers ranging from the cashier to the manager should have the customer’s interest at heart. Employing people who have undergone a hospitality course is important because there will be numerous cases of return clients. Proper branding should be done to attract more customers from other streets in the town.

Quality requirements in the project management plan

Some steps ensure the standards, quality control of activities and quality roles and responsibility are met. The services that thus enterprise deliver should meet the agreed-upon standards; the processes are performed well as documented, and any mishap in the line of duty is dealt with appropriately. All the meals should be professionally cooked to meet the customer’s taste. Mostly, the quality should also coincide with the price; it should be realistic.

Quality Assurance Audit

Firstly, rules and regulations audit would be the first step towards ensuring quality is maintained. Documents and posters that are required by the law and other health policies should be well outlined. Accident records should be preserved to ensure new staff learns the risks of some locations to avoid making loopholes.

The facilities that can cause injuries if not well maintained should frequently be checked, hygiene in the restaurant should be at its best, the floors should be free of  the obstacle. The building should undergo the exact contracting process and errors rectified. Auditing should also review on the lighting and parking whether they meet the estimated standards.

Food safety is the main issue that the audit should aim. Managerial steps should be taken to ensure that the food given to the customers is safe. Cases of food poisoning can cause a lot of negative impacts on the restaurant; such errors should be avoided by working with HACCP. It helps to establish consistent food preparation processes and most importantly quality control strategies.

How variance was identified

Variance on business projects is the difference between the actual results after the expenditure and the expected results as calculated. To discover the difference, testing the project can be of great use, or else use the results of a similar project that have been put functioning. To ensure that the results do not frustrate the stakeholders and the project manager, realistic objectives are set and goods initial funds are put in place.

Relevance of project management lifecycle

The objectives should be well outlined in the initial phase; the shareholders can join to come up with absolute aims that will remain relevant in this stage. While planning the strategies in the second period, it is important to work on the guidelines of the objectives. Resources, finances, risks, suppliers will be taken care of at this level well. Execution phase ensures that the objectives are stated in building deliverable, monitoring and controlling. Finally, project closure and completion is the last stage in the cycle of project management. It ensures that the processes remain relevant to the set objectives of the project.

Project Outcome Review

Quality management is the most vital process in the entire process of project management. The results varied from the estimated figures positively. That is, there was a slight difference that came in the real results that were a bit higher than expected. Uncertainties were reduced by increasing the estimated values and expectations which gave an allowance to the final value.

Lesson Learnt

In project management that a businessman carries out, there are some lessons that they learn, and they help them to make better decisions in future projects. In this case, I learned that quality management is the most important step if one wants to have a successful project. The quality of the services one want to offer should coincide with the objectives stated.

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