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Reflection Guidance HRM Assignment


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As an IT manager, I am well aware of the competencies that are required for successful IT management and leadership. The leaderships skills need in an IT organization are different from those needed to manage other organizations, and IT managers are often called upon to assume expanded responsibilities and roles without adequate resources. They are also faced with competing priorities in they work, yet they are faced with limited resources. In this challenging environment, leaders with effective leadership skills are important in maintaining the high standards required in educational systems, ensuring high standards of education while maintaining a positive attitude in the staff (Kouzes & Posner, 2007). To this, the leaders should have the ability to positively empower and motivate their employees to achieve the positive outcomes. The most important leadership trait that a good leader should possess is good communications skills.

One of the leadership strengths that I have is good communication skills. Good communication is one of the most important skills that a leader should have. Leadership involved giving instructions to followers. This means that leaders should make themselves clear and avoid confusions. Good communication involves the ability of an individual to assess and understands the background of the subject of discussion. One major characteristic of life is that all people have different backgrounds, which dictated how they perceive life. It is, therefore, not uncommon for people to have different perspectives in life (Jones & Pound, 2008). Leaders with good communication skills can learn a lot of things by just understanding the background of the followers who may have a different opinion from theirs. The mere understanding of another person’s perspective can open the eyes of the leader to a perspective that they may not have known existed. One part of communications skills that is hugely ignored is good listening skills. Yet, good listening skills are some of the most beneficial and rewarding acts that a leader should pose.

As a manager, I must improve on my ability to motivate the employees working under me. However, not employees will find it easy to be motivated by some jobs, although they may be motivated by another. It is the responsibility of the leader to continuously rotate employee in different job areas to ascertain the various job areas that motivate specific employees. Employees appear to be more motivated when they not only draw some significance from their job but also when they are able to handle those jobs (Curtis & O’Connell, 2011). Leadership is a complex phenomenon. There are various attributes that every leader should have, be it in an IT organization or any other organization. Ideally, a good leader should be able to control the followers. That is, the leader should be able to influence the followers to work towards achieving organizational goals (George et al., 2007). Control is an essential element in the organization and a leader should be able to exercise control over the subordinates. Without control, the junior employees might not be able to focus on achieving organization objectives and instead focus on their own activities. Besides, in an educational organization like mine, leadership should involve a lot of motivation. Thus, the ability to motivate will be a vital leadership quality that I will have to work on. I think there will be the need for the employees to draw significance from their work.

The requirement in modern IT management is that IT leaders must be able to foster good communication within the social cycles. Prominent IT leaders, such as the former C.E.O of Apple, demonstrated strong presentation and communication within the social cycles. Social circles present several forms through which good public relations can be realized, that is possible via the use of interactive public relations (Dorothy & Draft, 2010). This involves resources such as the Internet – social media comes in handy as an important tool where people easily interact with their friends, relatives, and even organizations. The organizations make use of the social media while avoiding mainstream communications tools. Another advantage drawn from using the social media is that the firm is directly involved in communication with their targeted audience. Some clients would want to engage an organization on issues they face regarding products or services they get or maybe a recommendation for improvement.

In sum, there is not a unique trait but is a process that can be developed. Leadership emerges from the ability of an individual to inspire other people to follow them lead the efforts should be made to overcome them. Most importantly, I have learned that there is no system of leadership that is perfect. Every leader has a unique system of leadership. Thus every leader must determine the system of leadership that is perfect for their situation and implement it accordingly. Lastly, I have learned that leaders must always focus on achieving success.










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