The advent of technology and globalization has brought significant changes in the manner in which business operate (Ryan 2016). Marketing has been deemed as an integral aspect that needs to be diversified so as not only to come up with a successful mix but also for entities to have a competitive edge over other players within a similar market segment.


Of all the 4 P’s depicted within the marketing mix, pricing is the most paramount. The price of items is a precise determinant of the total value of the sales that are accrued within a firm. SnakeShake understands the importance of pricing and for this reason, strives to set prices that strategically place the enterprise on a competitive pedestal.


The location of a business entity is also very vital. How close or rather proximal the business is to its consumers determines various factors such as, but not limited to: storage, transportation and availability of the goods to its customers. In lieu of reaching customers just physically, SnakeShake has taken advantage of the digital platforms by using a website as the main retail channel.


People are more interested in purchasing products that are valuable and offer solutions to their needs and problems. The products have to be coupled up with the right features in terms of image and serviceability. With respect to SnakeShake, consumers are able to go through health products that are tailored to meet their dietary requirements. The subscription option is not only convenient but also highly predictable for the consumers.



This is how the business communicates with its clientele. This is done by adequate provision of relevant and pertinent information on the products before the targeted market can purchase. SnakeShake, as aforementioned, has incorporated social media as one of its biggest marketing tools in engaging its customers.


A highly effective marketing strategy incepts the 4 Ps of the marketing matrix. The 4 P’s are designed to attain the companies set objectives and at the same time offering valuable products and services to its consumers.



Ryan, D., 2016. Understanding digital marketing: marketing strategies for engaging the digital generation. Kogan Page Publishers.


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