Contingency Tables and Odds In Excel

Best practices in logistic regression tends to describe the logistic regression in the concise as well as the simple way that tends to go give individuals the clarity that they require to offer without additional weight of high-level texts and longer. The practice involves a super primer on various aspects of statistics as well as research design that is masked logistic regression (Osborne, 2015).

The study involves the analyzing two variables that include “general health” and “drink soda”. It also looks at the association between the variables with an aim of testing if there is a connection between “general health” and “drink soda,” hypothesizing that one’s highest level of education may have an impact on one’s income. Explicitly, the really interested in evaluating the impact of soda on the general health of individuals. I the study identifies “general health” as the independent variable and “drink soda” as the dependent variable.


Osborne, J. W. (2015).  What is rotating in exploratory factor analysis? Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation, 20(2), 1-7.

Osborne, J. W., & Waters, E.  (2002).  Four assumptions of multiple regression that researchers should always test.  Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation, 8(2).  [Available online at


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