Definition of the project goals

Production: The project program seeks to produce 10000 rubber components that suit the supplier’s requirements.

Project scope statement

This project called production of rubber components aims at producing 10,000 rubber components for Poly Products Incorporated. The company has received the Invitation for Suggestion for the built-up of 10,000 rubber products. The goal of the project is to form an accurate plan of operations and manufacturing of the rubber components.

The production project has two activities that have the following scope.

The project seeks to produce 10000 rubber components that must meet the supplier’s requirements. The supplier’s requirements are that the project should be done within 18 months,

Setup:  the quality control program should be acceptable between the two contracting parties, the vendors selected to supply project materials must be licensed for a continuous supply. There will be a flexible material selection conferred to the contractor if he utilizes technology in material testing at all levels. And finally, the project will be based on firm-fixed pricing method that will also see the contractor develop own work breakdown structure upon final approval by the client.

Objectives of the project

  • To create a plan to manufacture 10,0000 rubber elements
  • To study the probable plan that can effect on completion of the manufacturing process of the production project.
  • To increase the ability to manufacture the 10,000 rubber components that relates to the time and cost allocated.


Work breakdown structure

According to Snyder, (2013) the practicality of a work breakdown structure is greatly influenced by the production and procurement contractors. Consequently, the cost analysis factor is greatly dependable on the decision these agencies make out of the process. Additionally, a work breakdown structure defines the tasks and milestones that need to be achieved so that the project can meet the deliverables. Thus the structure gives a foundation that project planning, allocation, and tasking of resources are done in a given manner. The following shows how tasks will be broken down into subtasks and later work packages.

Source; Kheder, (2014)

In the above diagram the projects, in this case, will be; project 1; support with tasks such as project office and functional support. The Second project will be pre production that will involve tasks such as research and development and qualification. The third project will be a production with tasks such as setup and production.

Project schedule












Program Rubber components production
Task Project 1: Support

TASK 1: Project office

TASK 2: Functional support

Project 2: Preproduction

TASK 1: Research & Development

TASK 2: Qualification

Project 3: Production

TASK 1: Setup

TASK 2: Production

Percentage Complete 0%
Prominence Not in progress
Day happening To be confirmed
Day to be finalized To be established
Actual close date To be considered
Task assignment Project Manager,  Project Team
Priority Performance standard for grade 7 employees

Duration is 18 months

Each production should require four months

Rubber components should be manufactured according to client’s specifications.











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