Application Essay

I am a 44-year-old honors student pursuing a degree in business management and specializing in project management. I plan to use the project management skills learnt in school to assist not just myself, but the community. I dream of starting a health and wellness center in the community to help members of the community live a healthier and happier life. I however cannot do this successfully if I do not have the necessary project management skills since this will be not just a personal project, but a communal project as well. I understand that your scholarship looks to assist members who can have a positive effect not just on their personal lives, but assist the community too. I believe that my dreams are in line with the mission and vision of your scholarship program. I would be immensely grateful if granted the scholarship and this would be evident from the dedicated service to the community in line with your vision and mission.

I offer free Reiki lessons to members of the community to help them overcome the stresses in their lives. I understand the distress such persons may be going through having been in that situation and Reiki helped me overcome these problems. I am a victim of child abuse and had been suffering from self hate and lack of self appreciation. Reiki helped me overcome these issues and I decided to help other persons who may be going through what I was experiencing. I hope to use the health and wellness centre to reach more people going through the same hence the passionate desire to really position myself strategically through this course.


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