In this assignment you are acting as a marketing consultant and your client company is Hiperbaric. Your Marketing Challenge is: Analyse Hiperbaric’s customer’s buying behaviour and their relationship needs. In addition please analyse Hiperbaric’s relation








Case Analysis-Hiperbaric















Case Analysis-Hiperbaric

  1. Customer Analysis

Hiperbaric is a high-pressure processing (HPP) equipment maker based in Spain. The company is the world’s leading manufacturer of the HPP equipment, which it has sold across six continents. Since its formation in 1999, the company has been a leader in high-pressure processing technology and has so far sold more HPP equipment that all other suppliers combined (Hiperbaric, n.d.). HPP technology provides an alternative process of food preservation that allows the elimination of the need for the use of preservatives.

The company operates in the B2B segment where it sells its products and services to other businesses. In its category of customers, the company offers its products to small food processes and large corporate food processors. The products for small food processors are those with the throughput of less 1000 Kg per hour while the HPP equipment with more than 1000 Kg per hour processing capacity is directed towards large food processors.

Currently, its existing customers are concentrated in the United States, which accounts for 55%. Europe and the rest of the world account for 25% and 20% respectively (Hiperbaric, 2016). However, the adoption of HPP is still in its infancy, and there is a large potential for growth for Hiperbaric. The organization views Asia as the market with the highest potential for growth, and the segment will be of great interest to the company in its future growth strategy.

The company’s current customer characteristics differ regarding their size and the equipment that they serve. The small size customers purchase low capacity HPP equipment to reflect their production and financial positions (Hiperbaric, 2016). Most of the products of range from almost $1 million and above and this limits the number of companies that can afford such products. The small-size customers use the HPP equipment for processing their products in niche markets or small-scale products that can be fully covered by the small capacity HPP machines. On the other hand, large-scale customers have a high capacity, which requires more than 1000kg/hr processing capacity machines (Hiperbaric, 2016). Additionally, some of the companies that purchase large-scale HPP machines also often provide tolling services, where they offer HPP services to other enterprises that do not have the financial strength to buy their machines.

  • Buyer Behavior Analysis

Buyer behavior analysis is a valuable tool that allows a business to understand its customer’s purchasing process and consequently find ways through which it can tailor its business to align its sales strategy to attract as many customers as possible. The Buyer Behavior Analysis table below will represent the buying process of the clients of Hiperbaric.













  Actions DMU Criteria Influences
Problem Recognition Customers will realize the need for new (cold) pasteurization technology that avoids the use of heat to meet client needs for natural foods without preservatives Initiators

-R&D team

  Desire for better technology to serve customers with more natural foods
General Needs Description -Introduce machines that can pasteurize products without requiring heat Influences

– Quality assurance team

Decision makers

-The management

  -Impact on the company bottom-line


Specification -Processing capacity


Decision makers

-Quality Assurance team

The processing capacity, the ease of managing regarding repairs, and the prices Impact on the company bottom-line
Supplier Search -Referrals

-Other industry players

-Online Search



-Industry allies

-HPP reviews online

  -Newest and the industry standard trends
Proposals Submission -Price and Capacity quotation Influencers

-Various brands that can supply HPP Machines

The proposal must include the specifications of the equipment and the price To get the best offers
Supplier Selection -Credibility

-Supplier after-sales care



-Quality assurance department

-Technical team

A supplier with credibility and good customer care To get the best offers
Order Process Specification -Customer care

-After sales customer care/services


Decision makers

-Finance team

-Technical department

A deal that involves cooperation between the supplier and the business during and after the purchase To get equipment that is effective and easy to use and maintain
Performance Review -Engagement of the provider throughout the buying and after sales stages Gate Keepers


-Quality assurance team

The response time, other client reviews, and post purchase support To ensure the best service for a long time

Table 1: The Buyer Behavior Analysis table

The findings of the above behavioral analysis show the buying process of the customers of Hiperbaric. By identifying the decision makers and influencers at each stage, it is possible for the company to put strategies to ensure it meets the needs of the decision makers and influencers and each stage.




  • Relationship Analysis

The relationship analysis is a critical approach towards ensuring that business to understand the relational needs of its customers. Through the process, a company can put in place strategies to ensure its customer services meet the needs of the clients and thus better outcomes. The table below highlights the relationship analysis for the customers of Hiperbaric.

Components of the Relationship Small Purchasers Large Purchasers Large and Small Purchasers Differences in Relational Needs
Trust-Both customer segments demand trustworthy and ethical interactions

Mutual benefits-Both market segments seek to benefit from interacting or purchasing the products from HPP

Long-term Perspective-As an essential product for business services, all the customers of HPP want supplier who will work with them for a long time

Commitment-The customers seek a supplier who is committed to ensuring their needs are met at all times

Communication-Effective communication is needed all times

Customer Services-Responsive customer services are demanded by the customers

The two customer segments have similar relationship needs that involve trust, long-term perspective, mutual benefits, commitment, communication, and customer services

-The larger purchases, however, require more communication as any problem may have a significant influence on the services

Preferred Relationship Type



-Close and Trust Worthy Relationship

The customers of Hiperbaric vary significantly in terms of the Ladder of Loyalty. The company has many prospects, customers, clients, supporters, advocates, members, and partners. In this case, a ladder of loyalty can only be effective in analyzing specific and select customers.

There are not major differences in the relational needs between the two business segments of the company


Table 2: Relationship Analysis-The analysis shows that the two business segments of Hiperbaric do not have a major difference. This can be attributed to the fact that the company does not operate the two segments separately and that it views its market segments similarly


  1. Company Analysis

The company analysis will offer an important opportunity to analyze the company’s performance and its ability to build a relationship with their customers and their current network performance. This is an important process that will be considered in determining the SWOT summary of the company and thus guides future strategies of strengthening its performance.

Supporting Conditions
Leadership & Culture The organization’s leadership can be viewed as highly transformational and engaged throughout the company’s activities. The culture of the organization is based on high degree of teamwork and quality standards
Data Information & Technology The company has invested heavily in its research and development to ensure it comes up with the best products that meet the needs of the customers. Additionally, it is very open to the customers to ensure a sense of trust and ability to meeting all their needs
People The company has more than 100 employees drawn from different nationalities and for various roles. The diversity ensures that the company can meet the needs of the consumers, wherever they come from
Processes The company has been in operation for more than 15 years and has established processes from the product manufacturing to customer services which ensure that clients are satisfied
Customer Portfolio Analysis Hiperbaric has customers drawn from all over the world and majorly focused on medium and large scale food processors

The customers purchase small and large capacity HPP equipment to meet their demands

Customer Intimacy Hiperbaric works closely with its consumers before, during, and after the acquisition to ensure that all the needs of the customers are met.
Network Development Hiperbaric has established a strong customer care system that ensures that the organizations can efficiently respond to customer concerns and interests at all times
Value Proposition Development The value proposition for the company is achieved throughout the purchase process, which ensures that the needs of customers are met at all times. Additionally, the company has out in place an elaborate post purchase support for the consumers.
Manage the Lifecycle The process is repeated for all the customers.

Table 3: CRM Value Chain-The value chain analysis has highlights the company’s ability to form relationships. Evidently, the company works closely with all its customers to meet their needs






Plastic Manufacturers
Iron Ore Miners

The Network Map Analysis ARA model is an important tool that allows an organization to determine its current network capabilities based on its actors, resources, and activities in its industry. The Map below highlights the network capabilities of Hiperbaric based on the ARA Model.


















Diagram 1: Network Map Analysis-As a B2B company operating in a niche industry, Hiperbaric Network is still very small






Hiperbaric. (2016). Industrial High Pressure Processing Equipment. Miami, FL: Hiperbaric.

Hiperbaric. (n.d.). Who we are. Retrieved August 23, 2017, from Hiperbaric-High Pressure Processing:




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