Green Car of the Year Award

Topic: Volkswagen Green car of the year award

General Purpose: To determine the reasons that lead to rescinding of two Green Car of the Year award.

Specific Objective:

  • To examine the effect of Volkswagen smog test sensor to cheat on the pollutant diesel emission
  • To evaluate the extent to which the sensor device has affected the automobile in U.S
  • To determine the effects of smog test sensor on the Volkswagens reputation and balance sheet


  1. Winning audiences’ attention: It is everybody’s wish to drive on a car that has met the emission standards, attained higher fuel efficiency and that lower the carbon emission.
  2. Why Listen? : To gain understanding of why Volkswagens Green Car Award was rescinded and the consequences of the cheating by Volkswagen

Preview of the main points

  • Consequences of Volkswagens cheating on diesels emissions
  • Management action to mitigate the effect of computerized cheating system
  • Culpable parties and action against them.




  • In the wake of the Volkswagen two awards rescinding following the allegation that the company had intentionally conspired to improvise a device that would sense smog test and modify its system performance, there has been numerous article published on that scandal (Lawrence, 2015).
  • The company had been awarded Green Car of the Year award as the best company to advance in diesel technology as it had been able to “meet” emission standards, attained higher fuel efficiency and lowering the carbon emission. The rescinding was the first of its kind in the history of the award and therefore raised some pertinent issues.
  • The presentation also seeks to establish the motives of such unethical act by the company and measure that will be taken to those found responsible for technological system application. The liability for the company for condoning the act and how management have done in ensuring mitigation action have been taken over the act both financially and image rebuilding.




The Lawrence W. Green Paper of the Year Award. (2015). VW and Audi Returning Green Car of the Year® Awards






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