Master in Project Management

Scholarship Application Form



You may be eligible for a part-scholarship towards the tuition fees for our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Scholarship applications are assessed on a merit basis and will take into consideration previous qualifications and level of work experience. To be considered for a scholarship, please complete the form below:



Full name:

Course applied for:

Country of residence:



Please write a statement (300 — 500 words) in support of your scholarship application. Include details of previous qualifications, work experience, why you want to study a UoEO course and how a scholarship could help you.


My name is …………..and I am applying for the scholarship in Masters in Project Management. I graduated from Qatar University where I studied Industrial and Systems Engineering. During my course time in Qatar University, I took up a course in Project Management and is the basis of my passion to pursue a more advanced course.   Currently, I am applying for a job and I feel that being awarded the opportunity to study in the University of Essex will be an incredible opportunity that will help me attain my dream and vision as I wait for employment. The scholarship will contribute to furthering my knowledge and experience in the fascinating field of project management. Also, attaining the masters’ qualification will add on to my education level and increase my chances of securing employment. In addition, the scholarship will be of great help to me because of the 10% discount it offers on the total school fees.

During my study time in my previous university, I consistently indicated the passion to seize every opportunity that presents to better my education and add on to my knowledge and skills. I have a strong desire to learn and be a professional in matters concerning Project Management. The scholarship is one such opportunity as it offers me the very best ground for me to place my full focus and attention on the main objective which is to excel in masters in Project Management. I always consider an exemplary performance as a reward to my professors and the noble people who have agreed to my request and granted me the scholarship award. If given the opportunity, I will strive to be a great ambassador for the University of Essex throughout my future career.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to evaluate my application and I look forward to meeting you in Essex soon.


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