Let me begin by formally thanking you for this opportunity to join your prestigious institution and pursue the 2-year online MSc Project Management course. It represents the next milestone in my journey to becoming a project manager. So far, I have completed my undergraduate degree in industrial and system engineering as well as a course in project manager to ensure I can fulfil different positions in the industry. In fact, I currently qualify as a project engineer. Ideally, I would have preferred to attend the course on University of Essex campus grounds but find myself unable to do so under the current circumstances. In order to relocate to the UK, I need to be accompanied by a family member. At the moment, no family member is in a position to relocate with me for the two-year duration of the course. In addition, I am currently actively searching for employment in Doha thus making it impossible to relocate once I secure a job. Due to these issues and minor setbacks, I believe the online version of this course is most appropriate for me towards realizing my dream of establishing a lifelong career in project management with the hope of running and international project management organization for non-profit organizations later in life.

            I am particularly interested in completing this course because of the added advantage it would have in launching my career as a project manager in Doha. As a wealthy middle-eastern city, it is rich with career and business opportunities through participation in the myriad undergoing projects conducted in both the public and private sectors. I believe this course offers the best opportunity for me to acquire the academic knowledge and skills I need to be an effective project manager while allowing me the means to apply the knowledge and skills to gain experience at the same time. I intend to immerse myself in my studies to have thorough understanding of every facet of project management to be an effective and reputable project manager with the academic qualifications to do so once I complete this course and my doctorate in the near future. I am keen on learning effective project management techniques and methods to help guide visions better. I am also interested in learning effective financial decision making skills and other skills required in the profession.

Despite the inherent pressure, I shall excel in both spheres because of my stellar history of presenting impeccable work in a timely manner throughout my undergraduate studies. I intend to exercise the same measure of resilience and dedication to my academic work to ensure I complete this course to acquire the necessary academic qualifications to pursue a doctoral degree soon after. During my undergraduate studies, I learned the basics of project management and some of the skills required to be a successful project manager.  My dream is to become an authority in project management by developing innovative solutions.

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