Research Paper Review

Objectives of Research

The primary objective of the research is to explore the present-day management strategies of municipal solid waste collection. In particular, the research focuses on beverage container collection issues based on the case study of Lagos. The research aims to investigate the ratio between disposal of beverage drinks and recycling processes of beverage containers (Mobolaji, 2017). In addition, the study pursues an objective to compare waste collection statistics in developed and developing countries.

Research Questions

The present study aims to respond to the following questions:

  1. How is it possible to define reverse logistics in regard to the waste generated by beverage containers?
  2. How do consumers impact reverse logistics?
  3. In what way do government policies impact reverse logistics in Lagos?
  4. How is reverse logistics impacted by government campaigns or public awareness efforts?
  5. Methodology

The present study relies on a number of case studies including Lagos, and Helsinki. The primary data was collected from a questionnaire survey, while secondary data was retrieved from academic journals, websites of companies, articles, regulations, government publications, as well as EU directives.

  1. Analysis

The data retrieved from the Lagos-based survey of consumers was analyzed using a demographic composition. In addition, a waste management-themed documentary was also incorporated in the analysis. The empirical data was analyzed with the help of IBM SPSS software alongside descriptive statistical methods.

  1. Results

Research findings show that the government plays a pivotal role in reverse logistics. To ensure effectiveness in reverse logistics, there should be used a collaborative process involving multiple supply chain stakeholders. Consumers, in turn, should also recognize their responsibility for waste management. The author concludes that a lot of work needs to be accomplished so that material suppliers accept their new role in the context of waste management in Lagos.


Mobolaji. D. (2017). The Reverse Logistics of Beverage Containers. (A case study of Lagos,

Nigeria): A thesis in Economics and Business Administration (master’s thesis). Alto University School of Business, Helsinki, Finland

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