Nursing Practice

Applicant’s Name: ________________________________________


Nurse Example
Scope: The Nurse at this level demonstrates leadership in delivering and improving holistic care through collaborative strategies with others. I focused on rallying my fellow nursing staff to assume a leadership approach in ensuring healthcare is administered by upholding patient-centeredness. As such, the patients were more involved on their healthcare.
Practice: Demonstrates ability to function effectively in charger nurse, team leader or other leadership role which requires problem solving skills at the unit or team level.  Uses team approaches to identify, analyze and resolve problems/issues. In regard to some of the problems that arise such as long processing hours for patients, I used communication and dependability as the problem-solving skills as a team in the nursing fraternity.
Ethics:  Supports & enhances client treatment wishes.  Serves a s a resource for clients & staff in addressing ethical issues. In ensured to uphold patients’ wishes in regard to issues such as privacy and treatment wishes, even though they created a dilemma as to what is right or wrong.
Resource Utilization: Identifies potential problems involving resources and/or safety issues and takes  appropriate action. In regard to resource utilization, my focus was on the intangible resources, which are crucial in delivery of care. For instance, I strived to ensure that I rally employees to perform task within standard acceptable time. I also strive to ensure the inventory space such as storage of medication was done optimally to avoid redundancy.
Education/Career Development: Seeks knowledge and skills to maintain/improve expertize in area of practice.   Participated in educational activities to improve clinical knowledge and enhance role performance I have acquired a number of certifications that will out me in a better position in terms of experience and expertise to administer care. I have also attended seminars and conferences to be more aware of current practices.




Performance: Evaluates practice of self and others using professional standards, and regulations.  Takes action to improve performance. I have strived to emphasize on the acceptable professional standards such as ethics, nursing education, use of evidence-based practice, leadership, and collaboration.
Collaboration: Consults with other members in the unit/work group and uses group process to identify, analyze and resolve problems affecting care. In my practice in nursing, I have continually strived to establish collaboration among nurse staff members in problem-solving and providing patients with holistic care


Collegiality: Educates colleagues and/or students either in formally in-service or informally as a resource person.  Serves as a preceptor and/or mentor. Based on the knowledge of evidence-based practice, I have strived to relay such knowledge to fellow staff members in a required capacity as a preceptor.



Quality of Care: At the unit level participates in quality improvement activities that result in improved outcomes.


At the unit level I focused on the importance of appropriate documentation of patient events as well as schedule for administering medication. This had the effect of reducing errors in the institution.
Research:  Uses a body of research to validate or change group practice:

1. Identifies clinical problem

2. Reads & evaluates research based literature related to problem.

3. Incorporates knowledge from literature into critical thinking/problem solving

4. Uses knowledge to validate or change practice at the unit, team or group level.

A problem that I have encountered is medication errors. There is a wide body of knowledge on this matter, which I read from peer-reviewed research with the intention of incorporating recommendations. A crucial recommendation is the use of electronic health records to reduce possible errors when administering medication.


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